Suitability Understanding your medical needs

Serious illness patients

Oncozac® is effective for serious illness patients as it helps to prepare them for treatment and relieve side effects25,29 of treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or electrotherapy, therefore improving physical and mental well-being of patients.

Serious illness survivors

Oncozac® is effective in helping patients cope with post-illness maintenance as it helps to reduce the chance of recurrence, restore immunological responses to healthy levels3,13 and thus increase survival rates of patients7, 17, 21,24, 26.

People with weakened immune systems

Oncozac® is effective in helping patients with weakened immune systems as it helps to strengthen immunity and reduce the chance of infection3,23 by stimulating the proliferation of immune cells such as white blood cells and bone marrow cells etc. This is especially useful for patients who may have been previously unfit for treatments due to low white blood cell counts for example, subsequently allowing them to boost their immune system and resume treatments, and also for post-treatment patients seeking to rebuild their immune system as they navigate the their rehabilitation journies.

Awarded USP Verified Mark Awarded USP Verified Mark

Administration Optimal dosage for serious illnesses throughout different stages

Depending on the patient's preferences, s/he can choose to swallow the capsules with water or – if encounters difficulty when swallowing – open the capsule and pour out the active ingredient into water or food for consumption.

Before treatment

2 times daily starting from 7 days before chemotherapy, radiotherapy, electrotherapy, or surgery.


After treatment

2 times daily after treatments of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, electrotherapy, or surgery.


Unable to undergo treatment

2 times daily for 6 months. Dosage shall be adjusted according to the health conditions or appropriate medical advice.


Recovery and general maintenance

2 times daily during the recovery period or under appropriate medical advice.


For patients with conditions listed below, please consult with your physician or contact our specialists:

01. (i) currently taking immunosuppressive drugs

02. (ii) diagnosed with autoimmune diseases;

03. (iii) have had a bone marrow transplant

Learn more about Oncozac® in our FAQ.

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