About PuraPharm®

Company background

PuraPharm is a leading Hong Kong-based Chinese medicine company primarily engaged in the research and development, production, marketing and sale of concentrated Chinese Medicine granules (CCMG) products which we market under our brand “Nong’s® (農本方®)”, as well as over-the-counter healthcare products for mainstream consumers.Purapharm®, the parent company of Nong's, is the market leader for Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) products in Hong Kong, holding an impressive 83.4%* of the market share in CCMG.

*Based on Euromonitor International’s research conducted in May 2021 on Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) market (in terms of prescription revenue in 2020) in Hong Kong.

Our manufacturing facilities comply with the PRC Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards as well as Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) standards – One of the strictest certification standards in the world. We are the first CFDA-licensed CCMG product manufacturer qualified to issue safety reports recognized by over 70 countries around the world through our in-house CNAS ISO 17025 laboratory, in accordance to the CNAS standards. Widely regarded as having one of the most advanced TCM research and manufacturing facilities in Asia, PuraPharm is the leading and largest supplier of CCMG products in Hong Kong with a market share of 83.4%% *.

*Based on Euromonitor International’s research conducted in May 2021 on Concentrated Chinese Medicine Granules (CCMG) market (in terms of prescription revenue in 2020) in Hong Kong.

Our vision and goal

The Oncozac® story

Oncozac® originated from our founders’ vision in the early 2000’s to assist vulnerable patients battling serious illnesses. It is well documented that serious illness incidences, of all types but specifically those relating to have been on the rise, with this trend continuing to this day. For this reason, Purapharm set out to identify and develop an adjuvant therapy with one goal in mind; to give patients another chance at life, ultimately providing hope for those in times of need.

It is well known that the Yunzhi mushroom encapsulates a multitude of medicinal properties. However, the Yunzhi market in the early 2000’s was immature, and with limited scientific proof, products at the time lacked quality and effectiveness. Staying true to the company’s mission of “dedicating ourselves to humanity’s quest for longer, healthier and happier lives through the innovation and modernization of Chinese Medicine”, Purapharm embarked on a rigorous research journey through supporting a PhD thesis at the School of Pharmacy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong that facilitated cross-pollination of experience and science to develop the optimal Yunzhi-derived adjuvant therapy for serious illness patients. After years of rigorous collaborative pharmaceutical research, the result was a revolutionary new generation of Adjuvant Therapy that was unparalleled in quality, safety and effectiveness; Oncozac® successfully arose.

Our efforts finally paid off as in 2009, ONCO-Z®, the active ingredient of Oncozac®, was verified by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) after close to 6 months of tedious on-site inspections and strict audits by USP officials. Upon verification in 2009, ONCO-Z® was the world’s first traditional Chinese medicinal Yunzhi ingredient verified by the USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Program, and to this day remains the only Yunzhi in the world ever to be verified by the USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Program. The USP standards are adopted in more than 140 countries in the world and are also widely recognized as one of the most stringent set of quality control standards for the assessment of the identity, strength, quality and purity of medicines.

Our longstanding dedication to evidence-based scientific research combined with the achievement of numerous certifications under international standards are testaments to our advanced production capacity and outstanding product quality, giving us the utmost confidence in assisting patients to fight serious illnesses. As serious illnesses continue to progress, so too will our advancements in technology and quality; here at Purapharm, we aren’t only here to help patients survive, we’re also here to help them thrive.

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