About Oncozac® & Yunzhi

A. Oncozac® contains 100% Yunzhi (Coriolus versicolor). Oncozac®'s active ingredient, ONCO-Z®, contains a high concentration of APG molecules, making Oncozac® more absorbable and up to 6x more potent in stimulating the proliferation of immune cells such as white blood cells, bone marrow cells, than other traditional Yunzhi extracts8.

A. Oncozac® is made from 100% Yunzhi. Clinical data supports that people consuming Yunzhi have a higher survival rate than those that do not7, 17, 21,24, 26. It has been shown that Yunzhi intake is generally helpful to patients and can prolong patient's life expectancy.

A. Depending on the types of Lingzhi (i.e. purple, red, blue, yellow, white, and black), Lingzhi can offer a range of benefits, including general immune boosting, anti-aging, optimizing sleep quality, helping with blood circulation, or other special medicinal properties.

The key medicinal properties of Yunzhi extracts, on the other hand, are more focused on serious illness-related properties and include the activation of immune cells, boosting human immunity, and inhibiting abnormal cell proliferation, making Yunzhi a more suitable ingredient for the adjuvant therapy for patients with serious illness or in need of strengthening the immune system.

A. Patients have reported significant improvements in relieving tumour-related symptoms including fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, dry mouth and throat, night sweats, pain, heart and shortness of breath, insomnia, anxiety, and tiredness25,29

A. Yunzhi is essentially edible mushrooms with medicinal value. In a study evaluating the potential toxicity of Yunzhi (Coriolus versicolor), it was revealed that Yunzhi presented no remarkable adverse effect, no mortality or signs of toxicity in acute and subchronic toxicity studies to test subjects5

A.Yunzhi has properties which help suppress the spread of abnormal cells7,11,14,15,18,27


A. Oncozac® is produced from 100% Yunzhi, which is harvested in China. The refined material is capsulated and packaged in Hong Kong.

Meeting the highest standard, the production plant in Nanning has obtained Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices GMP and Australian Quality Administration TGA production quality management certification. The active ingredient ONCO-Z®* was first certified by the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) in 2009, marking the world's first Chinese medicine ingredient and only Yunzhi to obtain this world-class certification and standard*.

*ONCO-Z®, the only ingredient of Oncozac® medicinal Yunzhi, is the first Chinese medicine ingredient and only Yunzhi certified by the US Pharmacopoeia Commission as a dietary supplement ingredient.
* As of November 2021


A. Oncozac® serves to boost and modulate the immune system while the activation of immunity could vary from individual to individual. It also should be noted that patients with autoimmune diseases or gout, currently taking immunosuppressive drugs, or have had a bone marrow transplant should seek appropriate medical advice before consuming Oncozac®.

When in doubt, you are strongly advised to consult your physician, contact our specialist with your enquiries.

A. Immune function is not dependent on Yunzhi. Yunzhi only serves as a booster to supplement and enhance the immune system through stimulating the proliferation of immune cells. Withdrawing from Yunzhi-based therapy will not lead to a decline in immunity.


A.Generally speaking, Oncozac® is suitable for a majority of serious illness patients, with the exception for patients with illnesses stemmed from immunity tissues.

Oncozac® meta-analysis has provided strong evidence that Yunzhi would have the survival benefit in patients suffering from serious illness.

A. atients who are preparing for or have completed serious illness treatments listed below can take Oncozac® as an adjuvant:

(1) Chemotherapy: Serve as a chemotherapy protector. It was observed that Yunzhi extracts increased the hematological recovery of chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression8. Another research suggested that it relieves oxidative stress on serious illness patients9.

(2) Radiotherapy: Use as a normal tissue radioprotector and tumor radiosensitizer. Yunzhi extracts can potentially increase survival rates19, decreased risk of distant metastases6,20.

>(3) Surgery: Use as a post-surgical immunosuppression inhibitor. Oncozac® may improve the prognosis of patients with serious illnesses undergoing radical surgery by inhibiting immunosuppression secondary to surgical stress22.

A. There are many different causes of an increase in liver enzymes. According to the Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China (中國藥典), Yunzhi can have positive effects on the Heart Meridian (HT), Liver Meridian (LR), Spleen Meridian (ST), and Kidney Meridian (KI). An elevated level of liver enzyme may not be associated with the consumption of Yunzhi. On the contrary, it has been suggested that Yunzhi shows medicinal effects on the liver. However, it is strongly advised to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner should you seek medical advice if you have a liver problem.

A. In Chinese medicine, Yunzhi is regarded to be slightly cold in nature. Pregnant women are not recommended to take Oncozac® or should seek medical advice from Chinese medicine practitioner.

For women during her period, while it is not advisable to consume Yunzhi, women may still take Yunzhi based on their situation or needs.

A. There are no contraindications to the use of Yunzhi in patients with other types of chronic serious illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes from the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective. Generally speaking, the physique of patients with high blood pressure and diabetes can usually be classified as hot. With Yunzhi being slightly cold in nature, Yunzhi can potentially be beneficial to patients who have more heat in the body.

Please note, however, every patient is different. Medical advice can only be offered on a case-by-case basis. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner for advice.


A.While taking 10 capsules daily is not compulsory, you are encouraged to take the recommended dosage throughout the therapy to boost the immune system and support the body's recovery.

A. The dosage of Oncozac® is based on the recommended usage and dosage of Zhong Hua Ben Cao ("《中華本草》", Chinese Materia Medica), and with reference to the scientific research data of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Preliminary studies have also shown that the dosage of product ingredients is directly proportional to the proliferation of bone marrow cells, further confirming its medicinal value at our recommended dosage.

Reducing the dosage may reduce Yunzhi’s immunity-boosting effect. You may refer to the prescription, technology, and dosage of similar products to measure and evaluate their efficacy.

A. Generally speaking, the temperature of warm water suitable for human consumption will not cause the Polysaccharides and APG molecules to be denatured. When referring to the heat-sensitivity of Polysaccharides and APG molecules, this refers to the high temperatures involved with general drying processes during the production stage.

A. The casing of Oncozac® can be removed. The extract from the capsule can be used to mix into water, food, or liquids to help you consume Oncozac®.

A. It was previously suggested in immunological tests that a daily intake of optimal dose of Yunzhi extracts for 7 consecutive days resulted in boosting immune cells in the bone marrow, which reduces the risk of infection. However, the effects can vary from person to person. Offering a definitive timeframe will vary by person.

A. You are highly encouraged to live a healthier life and have a balanced diet to keep your body in the best possible shape. Taking Oncozac® benefits your body differently. The Yunzhi-based therapy works to, stimulate stimulating the immune system and boost immunity.

A. Oncozac® 100% Yunzhi should have no impact on a majority of ongoing medication or treatment. It was found in scientific research that interactions between Yunzhi and common serious illness medication listed as examples below may have positive effects12.

Doxorubicin: May increase clinical efficacy and survival, slow the spread of abnormal cells, increase appetite, better symptomatic relief, etc.

Paclitaxel: May increase efficacy and quality of life, reduction in tumour cell markers and invasive cell factors, etc.

Capecitabine: May improve disease progression, survival, and quality of life, increase in efficacy, quality of life, survival, and reduce the spread of abnormal cells, etc.

Docetaxel: May increase tumour inhibition, apoptosis,reduce the spread of abnormal cells, enhance anti-tumour effect, etc.


A. Yes, Oncozac® is a Chinese-herbal-based health supplement product. Each batch of Oncozac® is issued with qualified reports assessing heavy metals, toxic elements, pesticide residues, and microbial limit. These tests are conducted to ensure the safety and reliability of Oncozac®.

A. Agaricus blazei Murill is not a type of Lingzhi, but another type of medicinal fungus similar to the popular edible Japanese mushroom Maitake. Since Agaricus blazei Murill is not mentioned in authoritative Chinese medicine literature, most Agaricus blazei Murill products on the market have not been registered as proprietary Chinese medicines by the Hong Kong Department of Health.