Angusheng® Yunzhi Capsules 100 capsules

Angusheng® Yunzhi Capsules 100 capsules

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A new generation of auxiliary therapeutic agents for chronic diseases with significant anti-chronic effects
Adjuvant therapy for patients with chronic diseases. The ingredients are natural and safe.

Angusheng® is specially formulated for patients with chronic diseases. It carefully selects 100% versicolor versicolor extract and provides auxiliary treatment throughout the entire process from preliminary preparation to recovery and conditioning. It has been proven by scientific research to ensure the safety of the ingredients and high-quality curative effect.

  • Angusheng® is the only new generation auxiliary treatment agent for stubborn diseasesElementONCO-Z® is jointly developed with the School of Pharmacy, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Carefully selected 100% versicolor versicolor extract is the world's first traditional Chinese medicine ingredient to obtain the authoritative United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) certification*
  • Suitable for patients with chronic diseases, including those undergoing treatment and those recovering from chronic diseases

Angusheng® Yunzhi Efficacy

  • Improve survival rate
  • Enhance immunity
  • Reduce the side effects of treatment for chronic diseases (after surgery and during chemotherapy)
  • Reduce the chance of recurrence

(Registered proprietary Chinese medicines in Hong Kong - Registration number of proprietary Chinese medicines: HKC-10447)
No. 1 in sales of prescription concentrated Chinese medicines in Hong Kong*
*According to Euromonitor International’s June 2023 market survey report on Hong Kong traditional Chinese medicine formula granules, calculated based on prescription revenue in 2022

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